Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, March 7, 2013

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North Korea is threatening a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States as the United Nations prepares to vote this morning on a resolution that would boost economic sanctions on North Korea. Facebook is unveiling changes to its 'Newsfeed' later today in an effort to sell more ads. The company and its rivals are also exploring location based advertising, but it turns out determining your exact location isn't as easy as it sounds. And, what's got automakers down in Europe?

PODCAST: NYSE on top, Nasdaq what's up?

The Dow stayed in record territory this morning after strong jobs data from the Labor Department. As home prices rise, construction and building supply chains do to. And, is the Nasdaq feeling left out?

Unemployment claims drop to five-year low

The Dow is still in record territory in early trading this morning. The surge comes on the heels of strong jobs data from the Labor Department, which show applications for unemployment benefits have fallen to a five-year low.
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Print takes another hit: Time Warner to spinoff Time magazine

Time Warner announced plans to spin off its magazine namesake. In fact, the company is getting rid of all of its magazines.
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North Korea threatens U.S. nuclear strike ahead of U.N. sanctions vote

North Korea's government has said it reserves the right to carry out a preemptive nuclear attack against the United States ahead of a U.N. vote on tighter sanctions against the communist regime.
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U.S. carmakers could benefit from EU industry troubles

The Geneva Auto Show opens in Switzerland this week. It’s usually a glitzy affair, but while U.S. carmakers are on the rebound, gloom has descended on the European auto industry.
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Facebook experiments with free Wi-Fi, for a price

The social network has started offering free Internet in a few places. The catch? It makes it easier for advertisers to find you.
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Housing revives, and so do home improvement chains

As home prices rise, more owners are preparing housing for sale -- and construction companies and building supply chains are hiring again.
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Stressed out? Banks get the Fed's diagnosis

As the Federal Reserve issues its annual stress test results for big banks, the question is do they have enough cash to survive a deep recession, a 50 percent stock market fall and 12 percent unemployment?
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Historic highs still a thing of the past for Nasdaq

The tech-heavy index hasn't been this high in 12 years, but it's tech-bubble days remain the highest heights.
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Rachel Haot: New York City's digital commander-in-chief

New York City's Chief Digital Officer, Rachel Haot, began in the city's startup world and rose to prominence quickly. Now, as member of Mayor Bloomberg's administration, she advocates for more private-public collaboration to make the city a tech mecca that rivals Silicon Valley.
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How to bring high-speed Internet to America

ERF Wireless uses radio waves hopscotched over short to medium distances to bring high-speed wireless Internet to places that wires or fiber optic cables can’t reach.
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