Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, March 13, 2014

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Find out more about “zombie properties": houses vacated by the homeowner, lingering for years without being repossessed or resold while attracting vandals and blight. We explain why they matter in the post-recession housing recovery. Plus, with Amazon reportedly poised to release its new TV set-top box which will allow viewers to stream video over the Internet, we take a closer look at the set-top box wars. Hear about how the California legislature is crowdsourcing a bill regarding probate tax code.  Will it work? Also, the potential winding down of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and what it means for homeowners and buyers.

What the numbers behind unemployment really mean

How claims data fit into a bigger picture of unemployment benefits
Posted In: unemployment benefits, Unemployment

Top U.S. lawyer wants better drug sentencing policies

It isn’t easy to get a job after serving time in prison.
Posted In: drugs, marijuana, Barack Obama, Crime

PODCAST: Shop 'til you freeze

Despite the cold weather, American consumers still went to the stores.
Posted In: retail sales

Hey, let's crowdsource this California law!

An assemblyman in California wants citizens to use the wiki model to draft legislation.
Posted In: wiki, legislation

Who are the Russian oligarchs?

Extremely wealthy men wielding influence in Russian politics.
Posted In: Russia, oligarch

Troubling economic data from China indicates slowdown

Troubling signs indicate the world’s second largest economy isn’t recovering
Posted In: China, global economy

Zombie Attack!! (Foreclosures, that is)

Vacant homes in foreclosure can drag down neighborhoods and home prices
Posted In: Housing, zombies, foreclosure

Amazon, Apple want a piece of the TV set top box

Set-top boxes give direct access to sell you other goods too.
Posted In: smart TVs, DVD players, television, apple, Amazon, tv

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