Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, March 12, 2009

IMF boosting its loans to Africa

After a two-day meeting with African leaders in Tanzania, The International Monetary Fund says it will boost loans to Africa and loosen its lending requirements. Gretchen Wilson reports what Africa may need to protect itself from crisis.

BICEP wants to flex on climate change

A lobby group called "BICEP" wants to help shape climate change policy as a Senate committee takes up the issue today. Starbucks, Levis, and Sun Microsystems are a few of the companies involved in the group. Caitlan Carroll reports.

One year up and Hulu is still strong

Today is's one-year anniversary, and the Web site known for streaming TV shows online has attracted some big competition since it started. Jeremy Hobson reports what the site is considering to keep its edge.
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Roche buys up the rest of Genentech

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche is buying up the rest of the shares in California-based Genentech. The combined group will be the seventh-largest drugs company in the U.S. Stephen Beard reports what new powers this will give Roche.
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'Greed' is an art in hard times

Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli has been advertising his irresistible new perfume, "Greed," in an art gallery in Rome. But the big-budget, celebrity-boosted product doesn't actually exist. Megan Williams reports.

Taking arms against the recession

Firearm maker Smith & Wesson reports its earnings today, and analysts expects strong results with sales of guns and ammo on the rise. Mitchell Hartman explores the correlation between firearm sales and the recession.
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Foreclosures up overall in February

A report out from RealtyTrac says nearly 1 in 300,000 homes received a foreclosure notice last month, which is up since January and since last year in general. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports where more of the foreclosures are centered.
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