Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, June 3, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, June 3, 2010

Will private sector jobs keep growing?

Private sector paychecks have fallen to their lowest level ever, compared to government paychecks.

World Cup pushes out South Africa's poor

South Africa has spent more than $2 billion on infrastructure to get ready for the World Cup. But critics say a lot of the money is pushing aside the poor.
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J.P. Morgan fined $49 million for mixing client money

A British regulator fines the firm for adding client money to its own cash pool.

Developers still appreciate apps, despite complaints

Apps will be the focal point of Apple's World Wide Developers conference this Monday, and some developers are struggling with the technology.

BP returns to 'top hat', weighs unconventional methods

BP is trying its 'top hat' method again and sussing through over 38,000 unconventional ideas for plugging the Gulf oil leak.

Convenience stores want debit fee reform

Convenience stores are backing a Senate bill that wants to lower the fees card companies charge stores to swipe.
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Ford ends Mercury to focus on other brands

Ford is eliminating the 72-year-old Mercury to work on its Lincoln and Ford models.
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