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Europe moves to protect taxpayers when banks fail. After yesterday's Supreme Court decision, the same sex marriage ban in California, Prop 8, is effectively no more. So what's the future of referenda in the wake of the high court decision? And loans remain cheap for wealthy borrowers with good credit scores, but if you're poor or don't have great credit, it's a very different story.

Paypal gets intergalactic, planetary with space payments

PayPal wants to get into space payments. Space tourism is possibly a thing of the near future -- the company Virgin has scheduled its first consumer space flight for the end of this year.
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PODCAST: Going once, going twice...sold?

Upbeat data don't add up to a strong economy. The New York Times is set to the sell the Boston Globe for one-tenth the price it paid. And how will injuries impact today's NBA draft?

Going once, going twice: New York Times set to sell Boston Globe

Bids for the Globe are expected to be in the $100 million range. The New York Times company paid more than a billion dollars for the publication 10 years ago.
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Consumer spending is up, will the economy follow?

Diane Swonk, chief economist with Mesirow Financial, discusses why she thinks the latest upbeat data don't add up to a strong economy.

Border security surge threatens U.S.-Mexico commerce

It's called the "Border Surge," and it includes more fencing, drones, cameras, and nearly double the number of border patrol agents along the U.S. Mexico frontier.
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EU reaches deal to shield taxpayers from bank failures

After hours of high stakes negotiations, European finance ministers have struck a deal to help shield taxpayers from bank failures.
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Same-sex wedding planners get a boost from Supreme Court

Based on U.S. Census data, hundreds of thousands of gay and lesbian couples are living together in the U.S. but not yet married -- a big market opportunity for wedding planners and vendors.
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Firefox cuts back on the cookies

Firefox moved forward with a plan last week to automatically block third party cookies. As you might guess, advertisers, who rely on those little crumbs of code, aren't happy.
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Square creates new online, mobile marketplace

Square, which makes little plastic blocks that plug into phones and tablets for credit card swiping, is launching Square Market, a new online space for retailers to set up digital storefronts.
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What's the future of the referendum industry after Prop 8?

After yesterday's Supreme Court decision, the same sex marriage ban in California, Prop 8, is effectively no more. So what's the future of referenda in the wake of the high court decision?
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How will injuries impact the NBA draft?

Basketball teams pick athletes to go pro at the NBA draft, but injuries among the top picks complicate the process of evaluating a player's worth.
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Running interns get some glory

There are a lot of dopey things summer interns get asked to do, but sometimes the assignment is exalted.
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It's like a d-d-default

A music video to remind you of the importance of default settings.
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Why does it cost the poor so much to borrow?

Interest rates banks pay the Fed, and middle- and upper-income consumers pay the banks, are incredibly low. But that's not trickling down to borrowers at the bottom.
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