Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jobless claims falling early

The Labor Department's weekly report on jobless claims shows that total fell by 148,000. Doug Foreman, Director of Equities at Highmark Capital in San Francisco tells Steve Chiotakis why this is a bit surprising.
Posted In: Jobs, Wall Street

E.U. meets on financial regulation

The E.U. is taking up financial overhaul at a summit starting today in Brussels. Steve Chiotakis reviews the major points being discussed with European correspondent Stephen Beard.

Need credit? Ask your community

Working around unavailable credit, Mexican communities developed a system called tanda to borrow money from their community. Dan Grech explains tanda rules and explores its benefits and pitfalls.
Posted In: Investing

Lobbyists prepare for overhaul debate

Lawmakers and interest groups are readying themselves for a debate of Obama's financial overhaul plan. One item under scrutiny: a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Tamara Keith reports.

Paris Air Show wowed by crop-duster

It was a dull and gloomy Paris Air Show, and then came the AT-802 -- a machine-gun totting, bomb-friendly crop-duster. But why would a plane used for farming need James Bond technology? Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Agriculture, Airlines

Congress talks mandating paid leave

Proposals are floating around Congress to grant paid leave time for the estimated 30 million U.S. workers not given any. But some critics worry this would burden employers further in an already stressful time. John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Health, Jobs

Where did target-date funds fail?

Even though Target-date funds are considered a safer investment vehicle for retirement, these nest-eggs still lost much of their value when the economy tanked. Federal regulators are looking into why. Bob Moon reports.
Posted In: Investing, Retirement

Conflict brewing over big highway bill

Democratic Congressman Jim Oberstar and the Obama administration disagree on a proposed transportation overhaul. The congressman wants to compensate for lost highway funds by hiking the gas tax. Steve Henn reports.
Posted In: Travel

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