Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, June 12, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, June 12, 2008

Factoring counseling into war total

Congress is trying to gauge the future financial fallout of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which includes counseling for soldiers with post-traumatic stress or depression. Steve Henn crunches some numbers.
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Ford contemplates reassembling

To adapt to the new reality of energy prices, Ford wants to switch some assembly lines from trucks and SUVs to cars. But Ashley Milne-Tyte reports the process of revamping their facilities could be tricky.
Posted In: Auto

Affordable green computers to Uganda

Microsoft is working with the U.N. to donate three to four-year-old computers to an upstart company in Uganda to get affordable machines to businesses. Gretchen Wilson reports on the computer restoration efforts.

Spanish truckers join int'l fuel strikes

The truckers' strike in Spain is the latest in a string of international protests against the rising cost of fuel. Renita Jablonski talks to Danny Wood in Madrid about how this strike is affecting consumers.
Posted In: Jobs, Travel

Help fight malaria by contracting it

Want to help fight a deadly disease but don't have any money to contribute to research? The Seattle Biomedical Research Institute can enlist you to contract the disease -- and even get paid for it. Ethan Lindsey has more.
Posted In: Health, Science

A fighting hope against inflation

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and others are concerned about inflation and a weak dollar. So why isn't economics correspondent Chris Farrell breaking a swear? He explains to Scott Jagow why there's reason not to worry.
Posted In: Economy

Stella makes a run for Bud

InBev brewery, the maker of Stella Artois, has put down a $46 billion bid in cash for Anheuser Busch. Stephen Beard has more about why the Belgian company is so interested in the Budweiser brewer.
Posted In: Investing

Shutdown Mississippi hurts Midwest

A lock and dam on the Mississippi River is having a huge economic impact on small towns around the Midwest that rely on it for business. Maureen McCollum reports on how it's affecting a village in Wisconsin.

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