Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, July 24, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, July 24, 2008

Europe considers cloned food

Food regulators from the European Union are raising concerns this morning about the safety of cloned animal products. Bob Moon talks to Stephen Beard in London about why European consumers are so fussy about cloned food.
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Fuel hedges help Southwest profit

Southwest may be the only big U.S. carrier to have made any money in the first half of the year. And Dan Grech reports in stark contrast to its rivals, fuel costs are actually a big reason for its success.
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Veterans could be getting more

The Department of Veterans Affairs has seen demand for its services soar, but many veterans don't know what's available to them. So this week, the Department rolls out its first ad campaign in 30 years. Jessica Lussenhop reports.

Detroit weathers depressed economy

Detroit has had a double whammy from home foreclosures and a faltering auto industry. So city leaders looking for investments from some unexpected places. Scott Tong reports.
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WTO may not be close to deal

Negotiators are trying to reach a global trade deal by the weekend. Observers say the three-way deal is probably not going to happen, and that could hurt the world economy, as Stephen Beard reports.

Discount per gallon if you use cash

A Massachusetts lawmaker is pushing to make gas cheaper if you pay with cash, with a potential savings of seven cents per gallon. Jeff Tyler reports how the discount could help independent gas stations.
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Questioning a minimum wage increase

The Federal minimum wage has gone up 70 cents today to $6.55 an hour, which is still behind the wage level of two dozen states. Renita Jablonski explores what questions arise from the wage increase in a slow economy.
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U.S. deals with inflationary pressure

The Fed's latest report concludes we're facing increasing inflationary pressures amid slowing economic growth. Bob Moon talks to economics editor Chris Farrell, who still isn't convinced we have a lot to worry about.
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