Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, July 15, 2010

California sues Fannie and Freddie

Steve Chiotakis talks to the Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos about California's lawsuit against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over clean-energy home loan programs.
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Financial reform changes won't be noticeable immediately

The new financial regulations bill cleared its last real hurdle today and the president will likely sign it into law early next week. But it could take awhile for anybody to really notice.
Posted In: Investing

Making a case for immigrants and innovation

Opponents of immigration are belting some harsh rhetoric in the wake of Arizona's new hard-line laws. But economics editor Chris Farrell explains why immigrants are crucial to U.S. entrepreneurship.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, Immigration

Congress wants to limit BP's U.S. drilling

Members of Congress are trying to restrict BP from drilling new oil and gas wells in the U.S.

JP Morgan makes $4.8 billion in quarter

JP Morgan Chase earnings are up significantly quarter over last year. The robust numbers were unexpected in a currently volatile stock market.
Posted In: Banks

FDA says Avandia can stay on market despite risks

A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel recommended that GlaxoSmithKline's billion-dollar diabetes drug, Avandia, be allowed to stay on the market.
Posted In: Health

Outlook for banks improving over last year

Last year, the Treasury's stress tests found 10 of the 19 biggest U.S. banks likely couldn't weather a severe recession. Now, banks are expected to be in the black.
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Despite the past, Europe exploring mortgage-backed securities

Although mortgage-backed securities played a pivotal role in the global financial crisis, signs indicate that banks in Europe are once again exploring this as an investment vehicle. Stephen Beard makes the case for them.
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Lackluster growth eases some of China's economic concerns

New numbers indicate China's economic growth has slowed slightly, indicating the country's efforts to cool down its economy are working.
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City budgets stuck between cutting or borrowing

Many U.S. cities started the fiscal year on July 1 with budget holes so big, they only had two options for successfully long-term solutions.

SEC considers settling lawsuit against Goldman

The Securities and Exchange Commission is talking to Goldman Sachs about settling its lawsuit against the bank over its actions during the housing collapse.
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