Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hike in Bay Bridge toll upsets San Francisco commuter culture

After more than two decades of carpoolers crossing the Bay Bridge into San Francisco for free, they will now be charged $2.50 per car.
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Solving the U.S. education crisis

Economics correspondent Chris Farrell explains why we should focus on resolving the education crisis in the U.S.
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Analysts project jobless claims up for the month

Today's jobs data says 472,000 Americans filed for jobless benefits this week, higher than what analysts expected. Projections for tomorrow's jobs data say they'll also be up for the month.
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Chicago chefs race to make food trucks reality

Food trucks are a hit in many cities across the U.S., but in Chicago they're still not legal. And many entrepreneurial chefs are pushing for permission to pedal their wares.
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Time runs out for payday lenders in Arizona

Arizona is letting its license for payday loans expire today. But lenders will probably find a way around it.
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Toyota recalling Lexus models on engine issue

Toyota will recall 270,000 vehicles it's sold worldwide said to have engine problems that could cause them to stall. But the automaker plans to learn from PR mistakes made earlier this year.
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Concerns rise over East Africa common market

Several countries in East Africa are taking a step towards regional economic integration. But the African trade deal has some worried about similar pacts.

BP building 'war chest' to soften financial fallout

BP has been trying to raise over $20 billion for clean-up of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
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Holiday break could take a toll on financial reform bill

The version of the financial reform bill which passed yesterday in the House may be threatened by the July 4 break.

Limited space will make some miss high-risk insurance

A facet of health care reform law will allow people to apply for high-risk insurance pools starting today. But there's not enough cash to cover everyone.
Posted In: Health

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