Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, January 2, 2014

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China has lifted a one-year ban on new stock listings, and a handful of companies are preparing to sell new stocks as early as today. The market for initial public offerings was frozen by the government in 2012 as it pushed to bring rigor and heft to a trading system seen as too risky. And, in this new year, you could hit a paywall when it comes to watching local TV news. Also, the S&P 500 went up 29 percent in the year gone by. The Nasdaq Composite rose nearly 40 percent. But this has prompted an argument that stock prices in 2013 were like cotton candy, lots of size, but not a lot of substance. 

New Year's resolution: Don't get hacked

Snapchat suffered a major security breach and Skype saw its social media accounts compromised.
Posted In: hacking, Snapchat, skype, Syrian Electronic Army

PODCAST: Fiat buys the rest of Chrysler

Starting today, the high school equivalency exam supposedly get tougher and will only be offered via computer. And, foreclosures are way down from the worst of the housing crisis, but don’t be surprised if some places see a rise in foreclosure sales.

Fiat hopes Chrysler deal will help it compete with VW, Toyota

The Italian carmaker hopes the deal will make them more competitive, and give them more of Chrysler's cash.
Posted In: Fiat, Chrysler, cars

Challenging new GED exams go all digital

Tests for high school equivalency are getting tougher, and will soon only be offered via computer.
Posted In: GED, standardized tests, common core

Stocks in 2013: All sugar rush, no substance?

The stock markets saw huge gains last year, but are investors just on a sugar high?
Posted In: stock markets, 2013

TV news paywalls are coming

A local TV station in Cincinnati will start charging for online content in early January. It’s among the first stations in the country to put up a so-called paywall.
Posted In: television, paywalls

Apps to help keep your New Year's resolutions

We talk to Whitson Gordon, editor in chief of Lifehacker, about which apps will keep you on track.
Posted In: New Year's resolutions, apps

Tech predictions for 2014: Software and startups

What kind of software will see the most growth, and where will the next start-up scene be in 2014?
Posted In: 2014, messaging, start-ups

The tech of New York's new taxi cabs

A look inside the new fleet of green Nissan taxis poised to upgrade the ride around the Big Apple.
Posted In: taxis, Nissan, New York City

Foreclosures are down, but some places may see a surge

Nearly half of states require that foreclosures go through court. That slower process means a backlog of foreclosures is coming to market.
Posted In: Housing, foreclosure

"A communist party casino" - Despite the lift of IPO ban in China, investors remain unhappy

China has announced it will lift a one-year ban on new stock listings in the new year. The market for initial public offerings was frozen by China’s government in late 2012 in attempts to reform a trading system deemed too risky. Traders in Shanghai aren't encouraged.
Posted In: China, IPO

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