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Europe's air safety authority is following the lead of the Federal Aviation Administration and grounding all Boeing 787 Dreamliners, after a number of safety incidents in recent days. In addition, airlines from the Middle East to Japan are temporarily suspending their Dreamliner flights pending a safety review. On Wednesday, President Obama signed 23 executive orders aimed at reducing gun violence. The president is calling on Congress to ban military-style assault weapons and limit high-capacity magazines, as well as approve his nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. And, even as the job market has improved, employee benefits have gone in the other direction as companies try to cut costs.

PODCAST: Rio Tinto's CEO resigns, women in the world of hedge funds

We'll look at the troubles of a mining giant, Obama's nomination for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and a new study that finds female hedge fund managers beating the competition.

Women outperform men in hedge funds

According to a report by consulting firm Rothstein Kass, hedge funds managed by women have been outperforming those run by their male counterparts.
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Housing starts mean new homes, but without picket fences

New homes driving the recent housing market comeback don't come with yards or picket fences -- instead they include rental agreements.
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Hostages held at natural gas facility in Algeria

There is a fast-moving hostage crisis this morning at a natural gas complex in Algeria. The complex is run by BP and Statoil. Islamist militants attacked the facility apparently in protest of France's intervention in Mali.
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Employee Benefits in 2013: The good, the bad, and the uncertain

Will 401(k)s, health care plans, and vacation time benefit at all from the improving job market in 2013? Marketplace economics correspondent Chris Farrell takes a look at possible changes to employee benefits in the year ahead.
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Albanese resigns from mining giant Rio Tinto after $14bn write-down

One of the biggest mining companies in the world has just lost its CEO. Tom Albanese resigned from Rio Tinto after the company wrote off a $14 billion loss.
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Grounded Dreamliner could be Boeing's nightmare

Foreign regulators will follow the FAA's lead before letting new Boeing Dreamliners fly again.
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Obama: Put someone in charge of gun-regulating agency

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms hasn't had a permanent director in six years. President Obama called for confirmation of his nominee as part of his gun-safety proposals.
Posted In: Barack Obama, gun control, Newtown

University of Phoenix tries to grow some ivy

The for-profit, online university is offering a class taught by academia's A-list in a move to boost its ailing reputation
Posted In: Education, for-profit colleges

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