Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, February 25, 2010

More ground for Bernanke to cover

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke continued his testimony on Capitol Hill today in front of the Senate Banking Committee. Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon, a committee member, tells Bill Radke about concerns he's had with Bernanke's leadership.
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Pension costs a threat in Europe

Strikes continued this week in Spain and Greece over hikes in the retirement age and other government cutbacks. Brett Neely reports on the factors contributing to Europe's mounting economic crisis.

A short history of financial innovations

Critics of proposed financial regulations say such rules could limit financial innovation. Marketplace's economics correspondent Chris Farrell discusses financial innovations of the past with host Bill Radke.
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Why China said 'No' to Hummer deal

Chinese regulators say the sale of Hummer to a Chinese company fell through because the application for the deal was incomplete. But some analysts say it was nixed because the gas-guzzling brand didn't fit with the image Beijing wants for its auto industry. Scott Tong reports.
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Health reform focuses on cutting costs

President Obama's health care summit will be getting back to the essentials of cutting costs. The president's reform plan would try to accomplish this by requiring all Americans to buy insurance. Gregory Warner reports.
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It could be the end of a skyscraper era

Dallas's 52-story Elm Place building stands vacant and closed, unable to compete with newer buildings and suburban migration. Kate Archer Kent explores the dying trend of the skyscraper.
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Keeping harmful chemicals out of water

A House panel is investigating how to prevent endocrine disruptors -- synthetic chemicals found in everyday products -- from getting into drinking water. Health advocates say the chemicals harm human reproduction. Sarah Gardner reports.
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