Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, February 21, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, February 21, 2008

Turning space into Virgin territory

Sir Richard Branson's space carrier, Virgin Galactic, is scheduled to launch in two years. But Branson is already planning to add five more spaceships to his fleet. Alisa Roth has more on this frontier.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, Science, Travel

Colleges helping to battle student debt

Private universities are taking strikes to eliminate student debt by covering more of the cost for lower-income families. Scott Jagow gets down to the bottom line with economics correspondent Chris Farrell.

What to do with a German treasure

German treasure hunters may have discovered a long-lost room carved out of amber and gold leaf stolen by Nazis from Russia during World War II. Reporter Brett Neely explains to Doug Krizner who could take the Amber Room.

More red flags from SocGen trader

Societe Generale managed to report a $1.3 billion profit last year -- an 82 percent drop on the year before, thanks largely to the faux pas of trader Jerome Kerviel. Stephen Beard reports more red flags tagged in his case.
Posted In: Crime

The world of vinyl lives on

It may take up a minuscule part of the music market, but vinyl records saw a 15 percent spike in sales last year. Brendan Newnam visits a record-pressing plant in California and learns more about the business.
Posted In: Entertainment

CalPERS sees green in forest investing

The California Public Employee Retirement System, or CalPERS, is investing more than $2 billion in forest projects in a move environmentalists are calling trend-setting. Sarah Gardner reports on sustainable forest investments.
Posted In: Retirement

Legal kidney sales to fight black market

The Cato Institute is petitioning for the legal sale of human kidneys as a way to snuff out the kidney black market. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports the ethical issues involved and the recommended selling process.
Posted In: Crime, Health

GMAC puts squeeze on offices

GMAC will be closing most of its North American auto-financing offices and even cutting jobs to save money. Jill Barshay reports this doesn't mean you can't get a General Motors car loan, but it may take longer to get approved.
Posted In: Auto, Investing

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