Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, February 11, 2010

White House report is good in context

The White House released its annual economic report this morning with news that credit would stay tight and unemployment would remain high. Not a great report, but not horrible when kept in perspective, as Brett Neely reports.

Hooters seeks buyer in hard times

With the casual restaurant industry experiencing big drops in sales, the Hooters chain is looking for a buyer. Jeremy Hobson reports -- without using a single Hooters-themed pun.
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'Survivor' and reality shows still kicking

Reality show Survivor celebrates its 10-year anniversary tonight with a 20th edition of the show. Ashley Milne-Tyte delves into a history of the show and how it helped bring a whole new business model to television.
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Olympics advertising can still pay off

NBC projects it will lose $200 million on the Vancouver Winter Olympics, as some of the bigger traditional advertisers are skipping the games entirely. But Mitchell Hartman reports there are still golden marketing opportunities to be found there.
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Banks losing on falling property values

The Congressional Oversight Panel, which oversees TARP, says it has new concerns about banks that made loans for commercial real estate. Its chair, Elizabeth Warren, explains to Steve Chiotakis.
Posted In: Economy

Washingtonians need shovels now!

Residents snowbound for another day in the nation's capital are desperately seeking shovels and plows to dig out from their homes and businesses. John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Retail

E.U. leaders reach deal on Greek debt

The European Union has reached a deal on a financial rescue for Greece to prevent the country's debt problems from spreading to other eurozone countries. Steve Chiotakis gets details from Marketplace's Stephen Beard.

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