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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, December 6, 2012

States are expected to collect almost $26 billion this fiscal year from a 1998 settlement with the tobacco industry, but only a tiny fraction of that money will be used to prevent people from smoking. It's been just over a year since Michael Woodford lost his job as the CEO of Olympus after challenging the board with tough questions. He's just written a book about the experience called "Exposure: How I went from CEO to Whistleblower." And in the cellphone era, what’s the value of a payphone? New York sees advertising and Internet hot spots as the future for its 11,000 payphones.

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GM now sells more cars in China than it does in the USA -- now its looking to grow in Southeast Asia.
David McNew/Getty Images
Michael Woodford, former Olympus president and CEO who was dismissed from his post in October 2011, speaks during a press conference at the Japan National Press Club on April 20, 2012.
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