Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, December 30, 2010

Retail business outlook may be bright for 2011

Retail spending was up this holiday season, a good sign after an otherwise dismal spending year. But 2011 might be a year of growth, reports Eve Troeh.
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Which government programs should get funded?

House Republicans are about to consider a proposal that will set money aside for highway maintenance, but that's just one of the government programs seeking funding right now. David Gura reports.

Don't just drink beer -- soak in it

Here's a new way to enjoy your beer: a beer bath. Caitlan Carroll travels to the German town of Neuzelle to dip in, and see how it's helping the local economy.
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New jobless benefits applications drop to 388,000

Jeremy Hobson speaks to Diane Swonk about new jobless benefit applications.

For the first time in years, airlines could be profitable again

For the first time in year, airlines could be profitable again, but is this good or bad for customers? Peter Cohan explains.

NASA must spend $500 million on a canceled project

Because Congress didn't pass a budget, taxpayers will be spending $500 million on a NASA program that's been canceled. Mitchell Hartman explains.

Pope Benedict XVI signs a document to increase Vatican financial transparency

Pope Benedict signed a document to make the Vatican's financial operations more transparent. And to make sure they comply with international regulations. The Vatican's bank is currently under investigation for money laundering.

The Vatican plans to create a money-laundering authority

The Vatican is creating a new money-laundering authority for the tiny state of Vatican City. Stephen Beard explains.

Chris Farrell: Looking forward to 2011

Jeremy Hobson speaks to economics correspondent Chris Farrell about a wrap up of 2010, and looking forward to 2011.

In the third quarter, foreclosures were up, and loan modifications were down

New figures out from the the Controller of the Currency and the Office of Thrift Supervision show just how much trouble the housing market still faces. Mitchell Hartman explains.

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