Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, December 20, 2012

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Vice President Joe Biden is meeting with law enforcement officers today to come up with ways to stop gun violence. The vice president has been asked to offer some recommendations to President Obama by late January. So what do the American people think should be done? As we approach the fiscal cliff, much of the attention in Washington has been on income tax rates. But there's another tax that's likely to rise whether we go over the cliff or not: the tax on capital gains. Plus, a fight that's going on over a card game.

PODCAST: NYSE finds a mate, Boeing sacks up potatoes

Could the New York Stock Exchange have at last found a soul mate regulators can live with? In Europe, the Catholic Organization Opus Dei has gotten into a fight with a small Danish game-maker. And Boeing uses potatoes to test in-flight Wi-Fi.

Key Apple smartphone patent rejected

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has dealt Apple some bitter news.
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U.S. economy is reaching a crossroads

The latest revision of third quarter GDP finds the U.S. economy growing even faster than we'd thought this summer -- 3.1 percent.
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The UBS LIBOR emails... in haiku

Those internal emails of UBS LIBOR rate-rigging do have a certain poetic ring to them...
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Americans' support for stricter gun laws still on the decline

In the aftermath of the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, the debate around tighter gun control quickly became a national conversation.
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IntercontinentalExchange to buy the NYSE

There’s news that the New York Stock Exchange might be acquired for $8 billion by the Atlanta-based upstart IntercontinentalExchange.
Posted In: NYSE, Derivatives, mergers

Private companies stand apart from stagnant stock market

Throughout all of this fiscal cliff back and forth, the stock market has reflected a certain stoicism from corporate America: Not much movement at all. But the stock market leaves out a huge chunk of our economy: Private companies.
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Opus Dei battles game-maker in court

A squabble between Opus Dei, the exclusive Catholic organization, and a small Danish game-maker, has ended up in court. At issue is a card game.
Posted In: legal, games, courts, Opus Dei

The effect in Mexico of U.S. gun laws

New research suggests rising violence in Mexico could be tied to U.S. gun laws.
Posted In: guns, Mexico

Taxes on capital gains and dividends likely to rise

Top capital gains tax rates would increase to 20 percent, taxes on dividends would go as high as 39.6 percent.
Posted In: capital gains, Taxes, fiscal cliff

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