Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some pharmacies may have conflict of interest with Medicare

As Medicare beneficiaries get down to choosing their drug plans, they may turn to their local pharmacy chain for help. But as Nancy Marshall Genzer reports, one should be cautious of a hidden conflict of interest.
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Larry King, the host and product pitchman

Larry King is set to host his last episode of Larry King Live tonight. He'll go down in TV history for being a memorable host, but what he made his name in was product pitchman. Jennifer Collins reports.
Posted In: Entertainment

Google's next step needs to be beyond innovation

From self-driving cars to electric power distribution, Google has become the site for future-thinking innovation. But it also needs to consider the next step: profit.

Foreclosure numbers don't tell the whole story

Alisa Roth explains how counting foreclosures is a tricky business

Are corporate taxes hurting job growth?

In Japan the government is getting closer to cutting the corporate tax rate to spur economic growth. If the Japanese cut their 40 percent rate the U.S. will have the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world -- 39 percent.

The Fed meets to limit debit card fees

The Federal Reserve meets to limit the amount of fees debit card issuers can charge on their cards. What does that mean for consumers and businesses that accept those debit cards?

Home building numbers are up, foreclosure numbers are down

The number of new homes people started to build was up in November, more than expected. Couple that with news from RealtyTrac that there were 21 percent fewer foreclosure filings for the month, and you could be thinking the housing market's on the rebound. Janet Babin has more.

EU leaders seek new rescue plan

After a year of multi-billion dollar bailouts for Greece and Ireland, Europe is in gridlock again. Anne-Marie McNerney has more.

Trade mission continues between India and China

The Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is in India continuing a trade mission. The two countries are agreeing on a target of $100 billion in trade between the Asian powers within the next 5 years.

Facebook launches facial recognition software

No longer will Facebook users have to tag their friends in pictures. Facebook is rolling out a new facial recognition feature to identify which of your friends are in your pictures.

Lightening Round: All things inflation

Jeremy Hobson speaks with Economics Correspondent Chris Farrell on all things inflation: the Consumer Price Index, the Producer Prince Index, and what China's 5 percent inflation rate means for the global economy.

Investors say Twitter is worth $3.7 billion

Twitter is a simple concept: users send out short messages and follow the people they're interested in. But now, investors value the company at $3.7 billion, much higher than before.

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