Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, December 13, 2007

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, December 13, 2007

Film right to Web? It takes a Jackass

Paramount is skipping theaters and sending Jackass 2.5 straight to the Web. With the low overhead of the new business model, some Hollywood execs wonder if this is the way of the future for films. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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E.U. and central banks team up for fix

While European leaders sign a landmark treaty in Lisbon to create a long-term E.U. president, the union is also teaming up with central banks to lend $110 billion to world money lenders. Megan Williams reports.
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It's not a mall, it's a lifestyle

For those who are heartbroken to leave the mall, there's another option: an apartment complex with stores built right in. Joal Ryan has more on a growing number of "lifestyle centers" designed to go beyond just shopping.
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Murdoch moves, media world prepares

With Rupert Murdoch set to take control of the Wall Street Journal, rival media companies are making their own moves to stay competitive. Lisa Napoli has more on how networks and newspapers are responding.
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Kill homeowner tax deduction?!

A few weeks ago, economics correspondent Chris Farrell told Scott Jagow we should get rid of homeowner tax deductions. Many listeners wrote in wondering if he was nuts. He addressed some of their bigger concerns.
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Traders consider a different green

Intended to tap into the fast-growing carbon allowances market, the Green Exchange, a joint venture between the New York Merchantile Exchange and big Wall Street banks, will open early next year. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Drug report won't break baseball

Former Senator George Mitchell releases his steroids report today, which exposes the problem in baseball. But Steve Tripoli reports despite shedding light on the issue, the study won't hurt the sport's bottom line.
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