Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday August 21, 2014

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The ACLU sues a school district in Massachusetts for letting only low-income kids take home their school laptops and other electronics. How common is this practice, and could this suit be the tip of the iPad iceberg? Plus, the Ebola epidemic is hurting the economies of African countries in two ways. One, they’re almost entirely dependent on outside aid to fight the epidemic. And two, as businesses shut down to protect workers, their economies shrink almost immediately.

Teaching theology... for profit?

A for-profit college based in Georgia offers theology degrees to would-be pastors.
Posted In: for-profit colleges, Education, theology, religion

PODCAST: Bank of America settles for $16.65 billion

Plus: predicting a rise in interest rates and Ebola's effect on Africa's economy.
Posted In: Bank of America, Ebola, poverty, Federal Reserve

If you give a kid an iPad...

The ACLU sues a school district in Massachusetts over its tablet policies.
Posted In: schools, low-income families, iPad

Ebola's cost to African economies

The epidemic is financially hurting Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.
Posted In: Ebola, Africa, disease

Tweeting from the ivory tower

Nearly 80 percent of professors say they use Twitter professionally.
Posted In: Twitter, higher education, professor, Curveball

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