Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, August 15, 2013

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A look at business in Egypt during a state of emergency. Global retailers such as Walmart and H&M have promised to improve workers safety in Bangladesh, but conditions in many textile factories remain bad. And what's with all the activist investors? 

A look at business in Egypt during a state of emergency

Zainab Khalifa, a jewelry store owner in Cairo, discusses how her business is faring and what her hopes are for the future of Egypt.
Posted In: Egypt, morsi

PODCAST: Walmart let down, foreclosure slow down

Foreclosures are down, but the housing market isn't quite moving yet. Retail earnings disappoint on slow economic recovery. And is long term care insurance worth it?

Xbox gets into show business

We can now add Microsoft to the list of companies trying to woo users by producing original TV shows.
Posted In: xbox, Microsoft, television, video games

Foreclosures are down, but the housing market isn't quite moving yet

The rate of foreclosures in July was down 32 percent from a year earlier, according to RealtyTrac. That sounds like good news, but it masks a stubborn reality.
Posted In: housing market, foreclosures

Get your paws off my iPad! Teaching dogs to use tablets

New York City has plenty of things we want but maybe don't need, like artisan pickles and baby yoga. What's the latest? Classes for dogs to learn how to use iPads.
Posted In: dogs, iPad, New York City

IBM uses big data to get smarter on energy

How the company translates tidal waves of real time data to make renewable energy plants more efficient by predicting the weather.
Posted In: IBM, renewable energy, big data, weather

Retail earnings disappoint on slow economic recovery

Diane Swonk, chief economist with Mesirow Financial, discusses the latest retail earnings.
Posted In: Walmart, Retail, employment, wages

Is long term care insurance worth it?

Long term care insurance is expensive and only getting more and more costly. So, how do you know if it's worth it for you?
Posted In: Retirement, retirement planning

What happens when you make cyberbullying a crime?

While crimes like rape and assault are specific, cyberbullying can be hard to define.
Posted In: cyberbullying, Crime, Tech, social media

A week of good and bad for activist investors

It’s been a big week for activist investors -- with Bill Ackman resigning from J.C. Penney’s board and Carl Icahn taking a big stake in Apple.
Posted In: active investing, Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman, JC Penney

In Bangladesh, garment workers still fear for their safety

Milllions of textile workers still work in unsafe conditions four months after the Rana Plaza factory near Dhaka collapsed, causing 1,100 workers to lose their lives. There is much pressure for change, however.
Posted In: Bangladesh, manufacturing

Why M.A.C. is the foundation of the Estee Lauder brand

Estee Lauder began marketing makeup to minorities in the U.S. during the recession, launching its M.A.C. stores. Now that line is the biggest selling makeup in several countries.
Posted In: makeup, marketing, brazil, cosmetics

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