Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday August 14, 2014

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Some not so great economic news out of Europe: gross domestic product for the second quarter is out this morning for the Eurozone, and across the board, economic growth was flat. Germany, Europe's largest economy, contracted in the second quarter by .2 percent and France saw economic growth flatline. Speaking of GDP, here at Marketplace, we talk a lot about different economic indicators employment numbers, retail sales, consumer spending, etc. Here's one that caught our interest, though. Bankruptcies are down -- at their lowest level since 2008. That sounds like good news, right? Not so.

California could stay dry enough to make food pricier

Over the long term, the state may not have the water it needs to farm this much.
Posted In: California drought 2014, california

PODCAST: Now playing in digital

Europe's GDP, addressing employee mental health, and switching movies to digital.

Is Wal-Mart rethinking its business approach?

How will Wal-Mart's socially-responsible initiatives fit with its corporate goals?
Posted In: Wal-Mart, marketing

Why that backache could really be all in your head

Behavioral health issues can cost employers billions.
Posted In: sick leave

End of the reel for old-school movie film?

Digital projection is a tough sell to arthouses and discount theaters.
Posted In: movie theaters, movies, film

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