Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, August 12, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, August 12, 2010

Germans vocal about timing of Google street view opt-out

By the end of the year, 20 German cities will have photos of their neighborhoods posted on Google, in the face of vocal protests. The search giant is offering a solution, but critics are questioning the timing.
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A high-tech solution to an older-age issue

A company in Virginia has devised an affordable, high-tech housing addition that could help families care for aging parents.

Car dealers face higher demand with short supply

Auto sales have been improving over the course of the year, and car dealers are challenged with providing new cars after a long slump.
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TARP also bailed out foreign banks

U.S. taxpayers gave $300 billion to bail out U.S. banks, which ultimately helped rescue foreign banks in a globalized system.
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Going green in oil country: Meet the Godfather of Solar

The story of how a newly elected state senator in an oil-loving Louisiana district set his state up with the strongest solar tax rebates in the nation.

China cools down, may be in store for 'lost decade'

The latest indicators say China's economy is slowing down, from production to manufacturing, and some economists say the country may need a decade to adjust.

King openly gloomy about U.K.'s road to recovery

Bank of England governor Mervyn King told the public the U.K. faces a long, hard road back to full recovery. Critics also say King is being over-optimistic.
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Confidence or economic recovery: What comes first?

Consumers might be suffering from a massive case of low self-esteem. But does confidence need to rise to boost the economy, or does the economy need to get better before consumer moods improve?

Signs say foreclosure rates could fall

Banks took back 93,000 American homes in July, the eighth straight month of more U.S. home foreclosures. But there are signs the crisis may start to ease in the months ahead.
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