Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, August 11, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, August 11, 2011

Global market outlook: Half-empty or half-full

Bloomberg's Mark Gilbert warns that anemic global growth and market fear means the recovery is faltering
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Banks in France on shaky ground?

Rumors abounded today over the solvency of French banks, and fears of global contagion from a bank failure trickled into the markets

Europe's fast-moving financial situation

Marketplace New York Bureau Chief Heidi Moore and Mesirow Financial Chief Economist Diane Swonk explain the latest news about what's driving the volatility in global markets
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Debt commission can learn from past panels

A group of 12 lawmakers will start work soon to cut $1.5 trillion in debt by November. Former Congressman James Bilbray, who served on the Base Realignment and Closure Commission, explains how this commission could make progress on reducing the debt.
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Fear of France driving global markets

Reports of possible bank runs and even an Asian bank cutting off lending to French financial institutions are driving European markets lower this morning. Marketplace's Jeff Horwich explains what that means for Americans and for Wall Street.

Global markets continue to lose confidence in French banks

Rumors of big bank insolvency in France have the European markets flustered this morning

New sanctions against Syria

The U.S. has imposed new financial sanctions on Syria after President Assad's security forces repeated use of violence against its own people. But do economic sanctions work?

Global markets and the U.S. -- attached at the hip?

Global markets do work together, but as Marketplace's Jeff Horwich reports, conventional wisdom holds that the U.S., by sheer size, tends to lead the way
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Analysis: It's about revenues, not debt

Marketplace Economics Correspondent Chris Farrell says the debt problem actually creates an opportunity for growth. With rates so low, he says now is the time to borrow more and create new infrastructure.

Investors say 'c'est la vie' to the latest banking crisis

After another big sell-off yesterday, shares are back up in overseas trading this morning -- one reason for that rebound is that people aren't as worried about French banks and the credit rating of France's debt.
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Companies asked to disclose fracking chemicals

A Presidential advisory committee on shale gas will recommend that gas drillers disclose all the chemicals they use in fracking. Companies, no surprise, would prefer less transparency.

Cigarette tax helps fund the arts in Cleveland

Every cigarette bought in Cuyahoga County gives a penny and a half to local arts and cultural organizations
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Congressional debt commission takes shape

A group of 12 lawmakers will start work on cutting $1.5 trillion in debt over the next few months. Republican Congressman Dave Camp explains what he plans to do as part of the committee.
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What does market volatility mean?

Marketplace New York Bureau Chief Heidi Moore says that the markets are not telling the whole story of the U.S. economy
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Foreclosure rates continue to fall

But that isn't particularly good news unless employment picks up
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