Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, April 8, 2010

More cuts coming to school budgets

A new study is foreshadowing some deep cuts in public school budgets next year, including extracurricular activities and summer school. Amy Scott reports whether any schools were helped by the stimulus.
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Former Citibank heads testify on crisis

Citibank's former CEO and others are testifying before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission about the bank's role in the financial crisis. Steve Chiotakis talks to the panel's vice-chairman, former Republican Congressman Bill Thomas.
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Geithner likely to talk currency in China

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's official agenda for his meeting in Beijing today hasn't been released, but the high-level talks between finance officials suggest money concerns are on the table. Bill Marcus reports.

PGA can't rely on Tiger Woods alone

Tiger Woods' return to the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Ga. is expected to boost TV ratings. But the scandal has taught the pro golf industry that it can't depend solely on Woods' popularity to keep it going. Nancy Farghalli reports.
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KFC criticized for its paper packaging

A southern conservation group is running a national media campaign it's calling "Kentucky Fried Forest," focusing on where KFC gets it paper packaging. The group says the fast-food chain is destroying forests. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Jobs will outnumber seekers by 2018

Right now there's about one job available for every five people looking for work. But economics editor Chris Farrell says in only eight years, that figure will turn around. He explores the changing nature of the U.S. labor force with Bill Radke.

Health reform supporting school clinics

Health problems are increasingly affecting students' ability to learn, particularly in low-income neighborhoods. The new health reform law helps tackle the problem by providing more money for in-school clinics. Gregory Warner reports.
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United, U.S. Airways talk merger

Early reports indicate United Airlines and U.S. Airways are talking about joining forces. The merger of those two would create the second-biggest airline in the country. Bill Radke explores the move with Marketplace's Amy Scott.
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