Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, April 7, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, April 7, 2011

In Europe -- the cost of a loan just went up

Today, the European Central Bank raised its key rate by .25 percent. Economist Carl Weinberg explains why that could be bad news for countries like Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

Mall vacancies hit 11 year high

Retail sales are up, but fewer people are going to the mall. Storefront vacancies in malls and strip malls have climbed over 9 percent.
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Europe calculates the cost of borrowing

For the first time in 40 years, a major European central bank has raised interest rates ahead of the Federal Reserve. Economist Diane Swonk explains.

Furloughs loom for 'non-essential' workers

As the government faces a potential shutdown, some federal employees could face days or even weeks without pay.
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Europe minds the U.S. government shutdown

The BBC's Rebecca Singer explains why economists and investors are watching the U.S. budget situation closely.

Portugal asks for $100 bil. bailout

Following recent downgrades of Portugal's sovereign and bank debt, the country has turned to European Union and the International Monetary fund for a bailout package.

Disney to break ground on Shanghai theme park

The Walt Disney Company will begin construction on Shanghai Disneyland tomorrow. And the park is expected to capitalize on existing demand for Disney products in China.
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Web, web, wherefore art thou in a government shutdown?

In the 1995 shutdown, the web wasn't ubiquitous. Now government agencies have websites, blogs, Twitter accounts, and lots of their workers have Blackberries.

The debt ceiling explained

Why the U.S. debt ceiling is such a big deal, and what could happen if it's not raised.

Hospital errors are costing $17 billion a year

A new study reveals that hospital errors are occurring 10 times the rate previously measured, and are costing billions of dollars a year.
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Job growth has been increasing faster for men than women

The "Mancession" of 2009 is finally giving way to a "Mancovery." But the jobs picture for women is going in the opposite direction.
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