Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday April 3, 2014

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Pamama- WEF- Latin America
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Coinstar introduces vending machines that let you exchange your unwanted/unused gift cards for cash. Mitchell explores how the secondary gift card market works. Also, Latin America is one of the few places in the world where the gap between the rich and poor is narrowing. Pegged to the World Economic Forum meeting on Latin America this week, we examine why there are more Latin Americans in the middle class than living in poverty.

Going beyond GDP to measure economic health

According to a new study, GDP doesn't tell the whole story about a country's economy.
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PODCAST: Fewest first quarter layoffs since 1995

A new economic indicator seeks to give the GDP some competition in measuring economic health.
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Gift Cards

Coinstar goes after the gift-card resale market

Coinstar expands the market for vending machines
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Part III: Hungry for savings

Walmart donates billions to anti-hunger initiatives. Some of those efforts benefit its own employees.
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A man uses his mobile phone in a street

Shrinking Middle Class? Not in Latin America

In Latin America, the gap between the rich and poor is narrowing.
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