Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, April 25, 2013

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Italy's political stalemate may finally be over. Enrico Letta, of the center-left Democratic Party, has been nominated as the country's next prime minister and will try to move away from austerity. Earnings season continues today, and so far most companies have reported positive results. But should we buy it? The history of 'Take our Daughters to Work Day' and why it now includes sons.

Plenty of finger-pointing, but little compensation in Bangladesh factory tragedies

The collapse of a factory in Bangladesh reportedly producing clothing for American and European companies is raising questions about what those companies owe after a tragedy.
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PODCAST: Delays on the horizon, Austerity in the rear-view

Airlines look to mitigate delays caused by the sequestration. Italy has a new Prime Minister and he doesn't like austerity. And who bears responsibility for sub-standard safety conditions in overseas factories?

Mitigating the cost and frustration of sequester flight delays

How are airlines managing the flight delays related to sequester furloughs, and their impact on flyer morale and costs?
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A history of Take our Daughters to Work -- and why it now includes sons

Now that women make up half the American workforce, is Take Our Daughters To Work Day still relevant?
Posted In: women, inequality, diversity

New Italy prime minister to move away from austerity

Enrico Letta, of the center-left Democratic Party, has announced that he intends to fight the move towards austerity in Europe, and investors applauded.
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Earnings are up, but hold your applause

So far, the companies have told us mostly good things this earnings season. But Allan Sloan, senior editor-at-large for Fortune magazine, isn't buying it. He says so-called "tax games" obscure business performance.
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Is Amazon about to do to TVs what it did to bookstores?

Amazon is coming out with its own media box for TVs, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. The device would compete with Apple TV, Roku, and possibly cable and satellite companies.
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NFL draft is less art, more science: A how-to guide

Big data competes with gut instinct in determining how multimillion dollar contracts are meted out in the NFL draft.
Posted In: Sports, football, NFL

I want my iPad! How to handle toddler tech tantrums

What do you do when your child can't live without their digital tablet?
Posted In: iPad, family, family tech, kids

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