Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, April 18, 2013

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The Digital Public Library of America goes online today, with 2.4 million pieces of art and history. As Union Pacific reports earnings, we count what's in their freight cars.What's next for Venezeula? And a long standing real estate term gets a makeover.

PODCAST: The apple falls from the tree, Germany agrees

Chinese consumers turn to imported foods. What's up with Apple's stock slide? And Germany approves a $13 billion bailout for Cyprus.

Are falling prices of gold and oil good or bad?

Diane Swonk, chief economist with Mesirow Financial, explains why commodity prices are falling and how the U.S. economy could benefit.
Posted In: Oil, gold, commodities

Could Reddit sleuths cause harm in their quest to aid the Boston bombing investigation?

The U.S. Attorneys' Office and the FBI have been releasing official reports about their investigation of the Boston Marathon bombing, but there's also been amateur sleuthing taking place online at sites like Reddit and 4Chan.
Posted In: boston marathon, boston, reddit, FBI

A visit to a crowdsourced automaker

Jamie Kitman, New York editor for Automobile Magazine, joins us from day two of his car trip across America.
Posted In: cars, Auto

Digital library launches without Boston celebration

The Digital Public Library of America goes online today, with 2.4 million pieces of art and history.
Posted In: library, digital, boston

Counting what's in freight cars, as Union Pacific reports earnings

If you could see inside the cars on a freight train, you'd know more about which parts of the economy are up -- or down.
Posted In: railroad, Economy, energy, fuel

Germany approves $13 billion Cyprus bailout to stem contagion

The overwhelming yes vote came after a warning from Germany's finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble that if Cyprus was allowed to go bankrupt, other euro zone countries would be at risk.
Posted In: Germany, cyprus, bailout, Europe debt crisis

Apple's stock falls, down 40% since last fall

Today, the tech world today brings you hits from the 80s and 90s: Microsoft and IBM are expected to report healthy earnings today. But what is up with Apple? It’s stock fell again yesterday, and is down 40 percent since last fall.
Posted In: apple, iPhone, samsung, stock

After election, what's next for Venezuela?

Stephen Keppel, economics editor at Univision News, says the Maduro's slim margin of victory could make it difficult for his government to achieve economic reforms.
Posted In: venezuela, hugo chavez, maduro, Latin America

China's toxic harvest: Consumers flock to imported food

Thanks to a string of scandals that have damaged the reputation of China’s domestic food supply, more and more among the country's rising consumer class are turning to imported foods.
Posted In: China, Food, Health

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