Marketplace Morning Report for September 5, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for September 5, 2008

Unemployment at 6.1% and climbing

Last month, the economy lost more than 84,000 jobs. And the losses are no longer just in housing-related industries, they're spreading into manufacturing, retail and business services. Steve Henn has the story.
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Angolans vote for first time in 16 years

Today's election in Angola is significant worldwide because the African nation -- in peace after a decades-long war -- has major stores of oil, gems and metals. Gretchen Wilson reports.
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OPEC in a bind over falling oil prices

When OPEC ministers meet next week, they will face a dilemma over oil prices -- should they decrease production to boost the price or stay the course? Brett Neely asks energy experts what to expect.
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Fall TV season goes back to the future

It's time for the new fall TV season and Bob Moon checks in with Stuart Levine of Variety to find out what's new -- or, well, old. "90210" and "Night Rider" are coming back. Grab the remote control.
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Miami luring tourists from S. America

Miami saw a drop in tourism during the first half of this year and wants the tourists back. A travel show this weekend turns south -- way south -- to bring a wave of visitors to the beaches and shopping malls.
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EPA goes after lawn mower fumes

The Environmental Protection Agency says we've been choking on fumes from lawn mowers and other engine-powered machines. Rachel Dornhelm reports on new regulations aimed at clearing the air.

Actuaries lay out Social Security fix

The Social Security System is in good shape today, but in seven years, retired boomers will outnumber workers and drain the reserves. Danielle Karson reports on solutions proposed by the American Academy of Actuaries.
Posted In: Jobs, Retirement, Taxes

AARP holds a job fair for the 'un-retired'

The 50-plus workforce is growing, but it still isn't easy finding a good-paying job. The AARP added a job fair to its annual convention in Washington this week to help. Nancy Marshall Genzer stops in.
Posted In: Jobs, Retirement

Happy 10th birthday, Google

Google celebrates it's 10th year this month, but the company isn't slacking, even though it's now worth $140 billion. Joel Rose reports on why the world's most popular search engine has its head in the clouds.
Posted In: Internet, Science

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