Marketplace Morning Report for September 28, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for September 28, 2011

U.S. is still producing goods, just with fewer employees

In the last three decades, the percentage of the American workers involved in manufacturing has fallen from 25 to 10 percent.

Amidst chaos in Europe, one man is speaking out

Alessio Rastani, a self-described financial trader, created an Internet sensation by bluntly stating how bad the crisis really is -- and how people like him hope to benefit from it.
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The 'tablet war' heats up with the Kindle Fire

Other big companies have tried and failed. Will Amazon's newest member of the Kindle family finally be able to put up a fight against the iPad?

European Commission head delivers speech on state of EU

Jose Manuel Barroso spoke today on the state of the European Union, promoting a new formal tax proposal and calling for greater unity amongst the countries in this time of struggle.

Raising taxes in Greece could hurt businesses, but not help government

The Greek government recently passed a property tax that has many citizens and business owners outraged. According to the chairman of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the government has it all wrong.

OnStar backs down on decision to track former customers

Last week, OnStar announced that it would continue to track former clients even after they cancel the service. Now, after public outcry, that action has been called off.
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Amazon to debut its iPad competitor

Amazon's new Kindle could be the first serious competitor to Apple's popular tablet.

Boeing and Airbus share same suppliers, same headaches

The competing aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus rely on a lot of the same companies to get them everything from wings to warning lights. With a record number of orders for new airplanes, that could be a problem.
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E-tracking is the new reality

OnStar is just the latest subject of the online and wireless tracking scandals, but don't expect for your information to be safe out there anytime soon.

Mid-priced retail to suffer in hourglass economy

Coming into the economic downturn's fourth holiday season, dollar stores and high-end retail are looking to fare better than the middle.
Posted In: Retail

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