Marketplace Morning Report for September 18, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for September 18, 2008

Central banks step in to calm markets

European banks, the Bank of Japan and the Bank of Canada plan to pump billions of dollars into global markets to avoid panic over the crises on Wall Street. Megan Williams has the story.

Is Morgan Stanley on the market now?

Amid all the other things happening on Wall Street, now there's word that Morgan Stanley might be on the market. The investment bank's stock saw its worst day in 15 years yesterday. Jeremy Hobson reports.

A look at the action by central banks

With the financial crisis still worsening, central banks around the world plan to pump money into the global markets to provide liquidity. Stacey Vanek-Smith gets an assessment from an economist at Barclay's Capital.
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Markets up after central banks action

The action by the central banks is the latest effort to solve the crisis in the world financial markets. Stacey Vanek-Smith talks with a reporter with the Financial Times about how effective this will be.
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Portland business owners anxious too

Wall Street is in the headlines, but the financial crisis affects businesses everywhere. Mitchell Hartman took a walk around Portland, Ore., to find out how business owners there are faring.

Lloyds to buy mortgage lender HBOS

Lloyds TSB has announced that it will pay $22.2 billion for troubled lender HBOS, a deal that makes Lloyds the UK's largest bank. British authorities apparently approve. Megan Williams reports.
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Home Depot's cutting prices

Home Depot says it will lower prices dramatically, in some cases cutting them in half. But is that a good thing to do in this economic climate? Rico Gagliano puts the question to a retail analyst.

Barclays gets a Wall Street foothold

Barclays is already on Wall Street with its small bank Barclays Capital, but chief executive John Varley said he wanted more. Buying key Lehman assets would do the trick. Amy Scott reports.
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The big question: Is my money safe?

Now comes word that even a money market fund is losing money for investors. Scott Jagow turns to economics correspondent Chris Farrell to find out what he's telling people to make them feel better.
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