Marketplace Morning Report for September 17, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for September 17, 2008

Trickling down to Main Street

The owners of small businesses have the same concern many of us do -- Is my money safe? But they have the added worry that all of the bad financial news will discourage shopping. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
Posted In: Economy, Entrepreneurship, Retail

The future of independent brokers

A lot of well-known investment houses are gone now -- remember E.F. Hutton? Bob Moon talks with a former Goldman Sachs partner about what it will take for investment banks to survive from now on.
Posted In: Economy, Investing, Wall Street

A closer look at the AIG bailout

The government is lending insurance giant AIG $85 billion in exchange for an 80 percent stake in the company. Is this a good deal for the government? Stacey Vanek-Smith talks to economist Mark Zandi.
Posted In: Economy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Wall Street

Now banks have to market reassurance

Clearly, banks have some work to do convincing people their deposits are safe. Under the circumstances, that's a pretty tall order. Rico Gagliano gets some ideas from marketing expert Faith Popcorn

Why the government is helping AIG

The federal government let Lehman Brothers die this week, so why is it coming to the aid of AIG? Was the insurance giant really just too big to fail? Scott Jagow puts the question to Jeremy Hobson in New York.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street

Barclays buys prime Lehman assets

The $1.7 billion deal also saves about 10,000 jobs. Those workers are relieved, but Lehman didn't get the price it wanted. Megan Williams talks to a financial analyst about how this affects the global market.
Posted In: Economy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Wall Street

In the aftermath, a loss of trust

What's up with the free marketeers in the Bush Administration rushing to help out the big firms on Wall Street? Commentator Robert Reich looks back at the last few years to find what started this mess.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street

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