Marketplace Morning Report for October 4, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for October 4, 2011

Dexia trouble could spread to American cities

The Belgian bank Dexia is in trouble, running out of cash because it owns so much European debt. But the bank's failure could also affect many American cities.
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The next step for Apple

Today marks Tim Cook's first Apple product announcement as CEO. Can he live up to the legacy of Steve Jobs, long known for his keynote addresses?

Juli Niemann: Gas prices should fall soon

Juli Niemann, an analyst with Smith Moore and Company in St. Louis, tells us why gas prices should soon be dropping.
Posted In: Oil

Report: Fannie Mae knew about foreclosure abuses

A report by the inspector general now shows that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac knew about foreclosure wrongdoing, like robosigning, before 2010. Now, homeowners may be allowed to appeal the previous decisions.
Posted In: Housing

European bank Dexia brought down by euro debt crisis

Europe has been worried about the banking system being hurt by the bad debt of countries like Greece, Spain, and Italy. Now the bank Dexia is being propped-up by the governments of France and Belgium.
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Rumors fly about today's Apple product announcement

Speculation about today's Apple product announcement, the first since Steve Jobs stepped down, includes the possibility of a 'virtual personal assistant.'

Chinese infrastructure is growing too fast for some

The rapid growth of infrastructure in China is causing some to question whether growth is worth a tradeoff for safety.
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Ben Bernanke on the grill again

The Fed chairman heads to Capitol Hill to explain his policies. If Bernanke's mandate were only to control inflation, and not unemployment, he might act differently.
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

Mid-day Extra: Oktoberfest on a budget

This year's Oktoberfest had significantly higher prices as a result of the global financial downturn.
Posted In: Travel, Germany, Oktoberfest

U.S. secretary of commerce on the importance of free trade deals

Trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea are on the table in Washington. We speak to Acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank about why we need to support such deals.

Suskind: Obama was too conciliatory during financial crisis

Obama has many new ideas on the table to help solve our economic problems in the U.S. But journalist Ron Suskin says in previous tough situations, Obama hasn't been tough enough.

Campaign finance, lobbying major roadblocks to effective government

In Lawrence Lessig's new book, he outlines how Washington has been corrupted by money, and how we can fix it.

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