Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, September 9, 2013

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Investors have been shifting away from emerging markets, but where are they going instead? The answer may be Europe. Americans are retiring later and later in life and now there's a new industry growing that of helps people find more rewarding jobs as they age. And an accomplished late night TV host is coming back--Arsenio Hall. Will he be a hit in the right demographic?  

PODCAST: Apple wants your old iPhone back

Retirees from some big corporations are about to get a taste of health care reform. Obama is taking another crack at reining in for-profit colleges. And Apple wants you to sell your old iPhone back to them.

Companies moving retirees off health plans

Retirees from IBM and Time Warner will have to go shopping for health coverage.
Posted In: health insurance, Affordable Care Act, IBM, Time Warner

Verizon and FCC set to battle over net neutrality

The case could impact our broadband Internet access.
Posted In: net neutrality, fcc, Verizon, Internet

He's just your normal teenager. Except he's also a cancer researcher.

Jack Andraka is just a teenager. But he's already made revolutionary innovations in cancer detection.
Posted In: cancer research, Science, Health, diagnostics, youth

Move aside emerging markets, investors are now eyeing Europe

Investors have been shifting away from emerging markets, but where are they going instead? The answer may be Europe.
Posted In: U.S. investors, Euro zone, ECB, Greece, Germany

NSA working to undermine the last ten years of encryption

New information about NSA surveillance activity emerges. Even encrypted data is vulnerable to its data mining.
Posted In: nsa, Edward Snowden, encryption, internet security

A new industry helps give older workers more meaning in their careers

For many, retirement continues to push farther and farther away. How do you make the most of working later in life?
Posted In: Retirement, Chris Farrell, Economy

Measuring the employment rates of for-profit grads

Negotiators are back at the table, after a federal judge vacated new regulations for career training programs last summer.
Posted In: for profit colleges, Education, gainful employment

Arsenio Hall show: Late night rerun or classic TV?

The late night host and comedian returns to TV with a new CBS talk show.
Posted In: tv, late night, talk shows

Apple launches iPhone trade-in program to shore up sales growth

Apple wants owners to sell their old iPhones back to the company for a discount on a new phone.
Posted In: apple, iPhone, cell phones, mobile

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