Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, September 7, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, September 7, 2009

With less traffic, trains are flying

With freight down in the U.S., trains are running into less traffic on the rails. Which means if you're thinking of taking a trip, it should be a smooth ride. Eve Troeh recently found that out on Amtrak's Coast Starlight from L.A. to Seattle.
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E.U. not keen on Google Books

The European Commission is holding a hearing today on Google Books, which wants to put millions of books online. European publishers, authors and others fear they could lose rights in the digital books deal. Stephen Beard reports.
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Health care a top priority for unions

President Obama is speaking to the AFL-CIO today in Cincinnati, Ohio, addressing labor unions and health care. Thousands of union members are rallying as health care becomes a more critical issue. Tamara Keith reports.
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Bands market music to a new world

CD sales have been in decline for almost a decade, and the Web has made it tougher in some ways for bands to make a living. For indie artists to survive, they've had to get creative. Timothy Beck Werth reports.
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Wooed women spice up book sales

Female readers of romance novels are keeping the publishing industry hot. The genre generates more than 50 percent of mass market paperback sales and readership is comprised of mostly women, who make loyal customers. Ekene Okobi reports.
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Fishermen to world: We're in hot water

Commercial fishermen and other mariners in Homer, Alaska, unite to warn the world about the dangerous effects of CO2 on the ocean by forming a giant "S.O.S." in the water. Marcia Lynn reports.

Cadbury not sweet on Kraft takeover

American food giant Kraft has made a $17 billion move on British chocolatier Cadbury -- and Cadbury has turned it down. Bill Radke talks to European correspondent Stephen Beard and Ian King, business editor of the Times of London.
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