Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, September 26, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, September 26, 2011

New home sales at half the healthy level for economy

New home sales continue to be dismal as each month of 2011 passes by. The Obama administration has a new plan to allow more borrowers to refinance their homes, but that might not be enough to turn the market around.
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Russian finance minister resigns over Medvedev's presidential plan

The prime minister and president of Russia will continue to control the vast country, but this time, they are switching jobs. What will this change up mean for the Russian economy?
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Possible euro debt solution: Partial Greek default, $3 trillion bailout

Reports are leaking out of Europe today that a possible large-scale plan to solve the debt crisis in Europe is taking shape. The plan could include a multi-trillion dollar bailout.

Activists protest against Wall Street in New York City

Activists calling themselves Occupy Wall Street have been gathering in lower Manhattan for over a week, speaking out against the current economic conditions in the U.S.
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Looking for ways to rescue Europe from financial crisis

Reports of a new plan to solve the euro debt crisis are emerging, but it may not be soon enough to prevent a collapse.

European debt crisis weighs heavily on markets

Markets in the U.S. are used to the political ups and downs of the last few months. We speak to Heidi Moore about why we have much more to fear from a European crisis than political stalemate at home.
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Consumers turn to multiple sources for local news

New findings from a media study could have big implications for advertisers.

First Dreamliner delivery at hand

This week, Boeing delivers its first Dreamliner 787 to Japan. The company sank as much as $20 billion into developing the aircraft. Now it has to sell a lot of planes to earn that back.
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California desert town banks on solar

Lancaster, Calif., is just one struggling city that's beginning to invest in the sun.

Governments in U.S. and Europe struggling to solve financial issues

A new plan -- including a bailout of European central banks -- could mean a big step forward in solving the global financial crisis. But can governments get it together to agree on the best course of action?

Senate faces key federal budget vote

The government in Washington is yet again nearing the brink of financial meltdown. Will they begin to make the tough decisions, or continue to put them off until the election year?

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