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One year ago today, a movement began when protestors took over a park right in the heart of New York's financial district, and demanded that the world pay attention to the 99 percent. But one year later, do Wall Streeters think the Occupy Wall Street movement accomplished anything? Several major Japanese companies are shutting down some operations in China, citing concerns about the safety of their workers. Protests there stem from a fight over the ownership of some uninhabited islands in the East China Sea. And in Washington today, experts from the National Academy of Sciences will be looking for ways to bring down the cost of treating Malaria.

PODCAST: Occupy a year later, China trade dispute

A year after protesters descended upon Zuccotti Park to call for financial reform, we look at the legacy of Occupy Wall Street. The Obama administration plans to launch a new trade complaint against China, arguing that it unfairly subsidizes exports of car parts. Plus, China may spend $15 billion buying a bank in Europe, GM wants the government to sell its remaining shares in the automaker, and the teacher's strike continues in Chicago.

General Motors hopes to break free of Treasury

According to a piece in this morning's Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Treasury's welcome at General Motors is wearing thin. GM is reportedly pushing for the government to sell most or all of its remaining stake -- currently about a quarter of the company. But the Obama administration seems to be in no hurry to exit.
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Mitt Romney to address U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

This morning Mitt Romney is set to speak before the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Romney seems to have achieved a small bounce among Hispanics after the Republican National Convention. Today is another chance to reach out to those critical voters.
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The buzz wears off from the Fed announcement

Ben Bernanke announced the Fed's new monetary stimulus on Thursday and naturally some of the buzz has faded. We're all basically waking up to a new week in the same economy we had before.

Occupy movement returns to downtown NYC

This morning, activists have returned to Zuccotti Park, where the Occupy Wall Street movement began one year ago.
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China could make big bank acquisition in Europe

China is about to make its biggest ever bank acquisition abroad, according to the Financial Times. It says China could spend as much as $15 billion buying a bank in Europe.
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Chinese protest Japanese companies during island dispute

Several major Japanese companies are shutting down some operations in China, citing concerns about the safety of their workers.
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Obama plans WTO complaint against China

The Obama administration is expected to announce a World Trade Organization complaint against Chinese subsidies for auto parts exports today at a campaign stop in Ohio.
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Wall Street reflects on the year since Occupy

It's been a year since the Occupy Wall Street movement, and some traders say they've warmed to the movement's message.
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Funding the fight against malaria

Public health experts discuss a new way to bring down the cost of treatment.
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Employers embrace wellness plans

More employers, public and private, are including wellness plans in their benefits to help employees become more fit, lowering health insurance costs.
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