Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, September 16, 2013

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Now that Larry Summers has officially withdrawn his name from consideration for the Federal Reserve chairman, international markets are responding in a big way -- global stocks are near five year highs. And in just two weeks, millions of Americans will start enrolling in the new health exchanges. But many still remain confused about the process. Now the government is hiring special navigators to help consumers enroll. 

Port wars heat up as East Coast raises the bar

East Coast ports are upgrading their infrastructure to accommodate increased freight expected after the 2015 expansion of the Panama Canal. West Coast ports have to ship up in order to compete.
Posted In: shipping ports, Panama Canal, cargo, transport

PODCAST: Larry Summers withdraws his name from the Fed chair job

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers has withdrawn his name from the Fed chair job. Could a little more inflation be good for the economy? And shipping ports on the east coast are getting an upgrade.

Only a quarter of Americans expects an inheritance

The fact that so few Americans expect to inherit money from relatives -- and that most expect to get just $10,000-50,000 -- has big implications for their retirement plans.
Posted In: Inheritance, financial planning, Economy, Retirement

Grand Theft Auto 5 ships to some Amazon customers before release date

The company behind the game is not happy about the break of embargo.
Posted In: video game, grand theft auto, Tech, Amazon, embargo

Larry Summers won't be the next Fed chair, but who will be?

Pushback from Democrats and other groups was part of the reason Summers withdrew his name from the running.
Posted In: Larry Summers, Fed chair, Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke
Advocates say new, online programs offered by prestigious universities will revolutionize higher education both in cyberspace and traditional classrooms.

First there were MOOCs, now come the SPOCs

Small Private Online Courses could change the way brick and mortar classrooms use digital teaching materials.
Posted In: moocs, higher education, online education, college

Want to catch a criminal? There's an app for that.

A new app built by the Homeland Security Investigations unit is designed to catch criminals through crowd sourcing.
Posted In: criminals, Crime, sexual predators, apps, cell phones, Homeland Security

Inflation: Could a little more be good for the economy?

Inflation hawks hold significant sway at the Federal Reserve. But critics say they should tolerate -- and even target -- more inflation to boost economic growth.
Posted In: inflation, Economy, monetary policy

Larry Summers withdraws name from Fed chair job, international markets react

Global stocks are near five year highs and bond yields across Europe and Asia have fallen.
Posted In: Larry Summers, Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen

Government hires 'navigators' to help consumers enroll in health exchanges

In about two weeks, millions will start enrolling in health exchanges. But for many, the process is still murky and the government is hiring people to help.
Posted In: health care, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, health exchanges

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