Marketplace Morning Report for Monday September 1, 2014

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Two more casinos in Atlantic City is closing down. That makes three that have announced their closure in the last month. The gaming industry is suffering due to foreign competition, and Atlantic City is the most obvious casualty. Plus, insurers can no longer reject customers with expensive medical conditions thanks to the Affordable Care Act. But consumer advocates warn that companies are still using wiggle room to discourage the sickest — and costliest — patients from enrolling. What are those loopholes and can they be closed?

PODCAST: Economic effects of protests in Hong Kong

Plus: bad luck for Atlantic City casinos and reporting food poisoning on Twitter

Insurers find wiggle room in requirement to cover all

Some health insurers are discouraging the sickest patients from enrolling.
Posted In: Affordable Care Act, health insurance

LinkedIn censors its members in China...globally

Company says it censors posts from China "to protect the safety" of its members.
Posted In: China, internet censorship, linkedin

Atlantic City loses again as more casinos close

The gaming industry is suffering, and Atlantic City is the most obvious casualty.
Posted In: Atlantic City, casinos, gaming

Twitter bot helps Chicago find dirty restaurants

Most food poisoning isn't reported, so health officials are turning to the web.
Posted In: public health, Twitter, Chicago, restaurants

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