Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, October 7, 2013

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European airplane manufacturer Airbus just won a major contract from Japan Airlines worth $9.5 billion. That comes at the expense of the company that has traditionally built airplanes for JAL -- Boeing. Thomson Reuters releases its list today of the world's 100 most innovative companies. U.S. corporations dominate the list, taking nearly half the spots. But what about China, the world's second largest economy? And, with no movement apparent in Washington on ending the partial shutdown, conservatives are pushing the idea of letting Congress authorize funding for budget lines piece-meal. This coincidentally comes at a time when a handful of cities are running pilot projects to give the public -- as opposed to politicians  -- a bigger say on how city budgets are spent. It's called "participatory budgeting" and San Francisco's among the places trying it.

Giving residents a crack at city budgets

San Francisco is experimenting with what's known as participatory budgeting to give more people a say in how their tax dollars are spent.
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PODCAST: Government shutdown could stress out homebuyers

The government shutdown is hampering lots of different mortgage processing, and not just for Federal Housing Administration loans used by many first-time buyers with low or moderate income.

Government shutdown threatens housing market, mortgages

The longer the government is closed, the more housing deals could be delayed or even wrecked altogether.
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China's Steve Jobs? Not on this list

The U.S. dominated Thomson Reuters' list of the world's top 100 innovative companies. China failed to contribute any companies.
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Hacking and the value of a Zero Day

A Zero Day is the electronic equivalent of the informant who tells the bank robber where to drill a hole in the back of the bank vault.
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Robot block heads that jump like magic (VIDEO)

Researchers at MIT have made cube-shaped robots that self assemble by flipping and flopping with the help of magnets.

'Bing it on'? Not so fast...

Microsoft's claim that users prefer its search engine Bing over Google is dubious.
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The billion dollar question behind Twitter's IPO

As Twitter becomes a public company, investors want to know if it has growth potential.
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Sotheby's auctions blue diamond for a lot of green

Sotheby’s Hong Kong is auctioning the world’s largest round blue diamond, the Premier Blue, for $19 million dollars. There’s not much you can do with diamonds but they are always in demand.
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