Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, October 27, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, October 27, 2008

Yen's strength raises concern

Why is the yen so strong right now, and why should Americans be concerned about the status of Japan's currency? Host Bill Radke turns to Hugh Johnson, manager of Johnson Illington Advisors, for his view.
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America feels when Asian markets fall

The Hong Kong, Philippines and Japanese markets today reached considerable lows. Bill Radke talks to Scott Tong in Shanghai, who explains why the psychology of the drop is based on global co-dependence.

Here's what I'm doing: Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes has weathered stock market storms before. But the chairman and CEO of Forbes Media says the U.S. always comes back. He tells us his crisis game plan for our series, "What am I doing?"

Now it's a business lender of first resort

The Fed is planning to step in today to buy the promissory notes of top-rated companies, providing relief for cash-strapped businesses. Bob Moon reports investors are cold, but open to the move.

Fed could cut interest rates again

The Federal Reserve will start meeting tomorrow to decide whether or not to cut interest rates again. Scott Jagow talks about the move and its potential pitfalls with Washington Bureau Chief John Dimsdale.

Corn falls in lock step with oil

The price of corn is falling with the price of oil. While this is good news for developing countries that integrate corn into their diets, U.S. consumers may not see the price drop so quickly. Steve Henn reports.
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What will China do with all that money?

With almost $2 trillion in foreign reserves, China has the power to be a big help out of financial turmoil. But not everyone wants to save the world. Scott Tong reports China may swoop in a little too late.

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