Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, November 29, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, November 29, 2010

Could tobacco be the budget-saver Illinois has been looking for?

Illinois will try to sell bonds today as it grapples with a multi-billion dollar budget gap. States of course are trying to balance budgets and have usually two options: either raise taxes or cut spending. But as Gregory Warner reports, Illinois is taking a creative new approach using a familiar source of cash -- tobacco.

Retailers and e-tailers prepare for Cyber Monday

Jeremy Hobson speaks to Marshall Cohen about Cyber Monday, and what it means for bargain retailers.
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World leaders gather to cut carbon emissions

In Cancun, Mexico, leaders from all over the planet are gathered to try again on an agreement to cut carbon emissions. Many of those same leaders met a year ago with no success. There's not much hope for this year, but negotiators do see some bright spots.
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Cancun gears up for annual climate change conference

Jeremy Hobson speaks to Eve Troeh, who is in Cancun, Mexico for the annual conference on climate change. Over the next two weeks delegates will try to rebuild momentum toward a global deal on carbon emissions, after they failed to reach a deal last year.
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Irish citizens "don't want to shoulder the burden for private investors"

Late yesterday European leaders announced a bailout for Ireland worth more than $112 billion. The hope is that the injection of cash will stabilize Ireland's banks and calm markets around the world. Christopher Werth explains.

Michael Jackson's posthumous album releases in two weeks

Michael Jackson's latest album will be in stores two weeks from tomorrow. There's controversy surrounding whether Jackson, who died last year, wanted the songs released, or whether some of the vocals on it are fake. Jennifer Collin's has more.
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Is France the next big video game contender?

The video game industry has become one of the fastest growing sectors in entertainment, worth billions of dollars. France's government is trying to cultivate its video game industry with tax breaks. Daniel Finnan has more.
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EU approves a $113 billion Irish bailout

European Union officials have approved a $113 billion Irish bailout. The EU's hoping to prop up Ireland's economy and stabilize the Euro with the infusion of money. But some in Ireland aren't happy, though it's not necessarily the bailout that's making them angry. Christopher Werth has more.

To rake or not to rake

Jeremy Hobson speaks to Amy Palanjian of ReadyMade Magazine about what to do about autumn's pesky leaves.
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Carriers fight to meet bandwidth demands

The amount of data passing through mobile phone networks in the U.S. doubles every year. People watching Youtube, checking Facebook, and surfing the web on their smartphones adds up to about three quarters of the mobile system's bandwidth. But will other devices soon cause traffic as well? Steve Henn reports.
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Cyber Monday follows a successful Black Friday

America prepares to celebrate "Cyber-Monday" -- the Internet equivalent of Black Friday. If this year's e-shopping follows the same trends as their brick-and-mortar counterparts, websites should be looking at a successful shopping day.
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