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Worries grow as the currrent extension of unemployment benefits gets closer to its expiry at the end of the year. Expecting an end to daily publication, Cleveland Plain Dealer journalists are trying to get public support before cuts are announced. And an innovation Willy Wonka would be proud of: A new non-melting Cadbury chocolate bar. 

PODCAST: Schapiro steps down and is holiday spending up?

Mary Schapiro is stepping down as head of the Securities and Exchange Commission next month. Did you shop on Black Friday? Americans spent almost 13 percent more over the holiday weekend than last year. And today is Cyber Monday, known as the busiest online shopping day of the year. even though the concept is still a relatively new one, the face of Cyber Monday is already changing. Plus stories on the "climate cliff," protests in Egypt, Detroit on the verge of bankruptcy, and a cheese "revolution."

Mary Schapiro: The woman who 'saved the SEC'

Mary Schapiro, chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, announced that she will leave her position. Schapiro took her post at the SEC just after the financial crisis and is credited with helping to craft reforms to prevent future economic disasters.
Posted In: Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary Schapiro, financial reform

Facing the 'climate cliff'

As the Kyoto Protocol nears its expiry, leaders from around the world will come together in for the United Nations yearly climate talks to discuss a new global deal to limit greenhouse gas emissions.
Posted In: climate change, Kyoto Protocol, doha, carbon emissions

Black Friday may not reflect overall holiday shopping

Americans spent almost 13 percent more over the holiday weekend than last year, according to the National Retail Federation. But does the weekend binge mean we are actually spending more?
Posted In: Retail, holiday shopping, Black Friday

The changing face of Cyber Monday

Before smartphones or super fast at home Internet, millions of Americans would return from their Thanksgiving weekends to high-speed Internet at work and get busy shopping.
Posted In: Cyber Monday, online shopping, holiday discounts

Republicans begin to chip away at anti-tax pledge

Several prominent Republicans are backing away from a pledge made to the anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, which could make 'fiscal cliff' negotiations easier.
Posted In: Taxes, Grover Norquist, fiscal cliff, Republicans

Company seeks American cheese 'revolution'

Health-conscious cheesemaker Organic Valley wants in the multi-billion market for American cheese.
Posted In: cheese, Food, organic

Stock market tumbles as Morsi expands powers

As President Morsi works to resolve tensions over his expanded powers, confidence in Egypt's government and economy falters.
Posted In: Egypt, morsi, Arab Spring

Detroit on verge of bankruptcy... again

An internal scuffle between Detroit's city council and the state of Michigan could drive the Motor City's budget into a big ditch.
Posted In: Detroit, bankruptcy

Cleveland Plain Dealer reporters launch pre-emptive strike

Expecting an end to daily publication, the paper's journalists are trying to get public support before cuts are announced.
Posted In: cleveland, newspaper, Times Picayune

Cadbury to release non-melting chocolate bar

Cadbury, which is now owned by Kraft Foods, has developed a chocolate bar resistant to heat up 104 degrees.
Posted In: Kraft, chocolate, cadbury, Tech

Worries grow over cuts to unemployment aid

During the recession, Congress lengthened unemployment aid to a maximum of 99 weeks. If not renewed, the current extension will expire at the end of the year.
Posted In: Unemployment, fiscal cliff, unemployment benefits

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