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In the U.S., some chief executives get more than a thousand times the average worker pay at their companies. In Switzerland the votes have just been counted on a measure that would limit CEO compensation there to just 12 times what everyone else makes. The holiday season brings with it boom times for retailers each year. But it's also a great time for charities looking to replenish their coffers. We look at how the Thanksgiving spirit in particular can be a recruiting tool for the philanthropies. And, the British producers of the international hit drama "Downton Abbey" are cashing in new and ornate ways. In Britain and in the U.S., they've rolled out a huge range of branded merchandise -- clothes, jewelry, make up, wine. But they may have missed out on what could have been one massive market: China.

PODCAST: Will international businesses cash in on easing of Iran sanctions?

Europe's automotive industry and others may benefit from lifted sanctions on Iran. Restaurant profit margins are slim, only around 3-5 percent. So more restaurant chains are starting to make home deliveries. And, One Direction's new album was topping the charts before it was even released.

World's largest retailer to get new CEO

Doug McMillon will take over as head of the world's largest retailer.
Posted In: Walmart

E-cigarettes are still cool at Heathrow Airport

As increasing attention is paid to the e-cigarette industry, London's Heathrow Airport will open an e-smoking lounge.
Posted In: e-cigarettes, Heathrow, London

What crazy inventions from the future will Apple make with PrimeSense?

Apple has purchased a company that helped create Microsoft's Xbox Kinect.
Posted In: apple, kinect

What's Chinese for Dowager Countess? 'Downton Abbey' goes to China

The international hit British television show is being watched by 160 million people in China. But that doesn't mean the producers are making money off of that success.
Posted In: China, copyright

International businesses look to cash in on lifted Iran sanctions

Europe's automotive industry and others may benefit from lifted sanctions on Iran.
Posted In: Iran, Iran sanctions

Switzerland votes not to cap the boss's pay

A vote to limit executive compensation to no more than 12 times what the lowest earning employee at the company makes failed in Switzerland.
Posted In: Switzerland, executive pay

Move over, pizza — more restaurants are delivering

Profit margins are slim, so more chains are starting to make home deliveries.
Posted In: restaurants

Charities count on Thanksgiving dollars and volunteers

Donations of time and money during the holiday season can replenish the volunteer corps and the coffers of non-profits all year long.
Posted In: Thanksgiving, food banks, philanthropy

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