Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, November 24, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, November 24, 2008

A voice for the Citigroup bailout

Mark Zandi, chief economist at, thinks the U.S. government's move to give $300 billion to Citigroup is a good idea. He tells Steve Chiotakis why this doesn't leave the free market at risk.

A voice against the Citigroup bailout

Assuming $300 billion in toxic assets on behalf of Citigroup may be a risky move for the Treasury, according to Jane D'Arista of the Financial Market Center. She tells Scott Jagow why she's against the move.

Part-time workers mask job losses

Part-time jobs are on the rise, but some economists say the makes official unemployment numbers misleading. John Dimsdale reports why some feel rates of joblessness may be worse than we're hearing.
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Europe reacts to Citigroup bailout

The U.S. government bailout of Citigroup has raised concerns that European leaders may try to ramp up government intervention on the free market. Kyle James reports France's Nicolas Sarkozy is one big example.

Utilities drop may indicate conservation

Electric utilities are reporting an unprecedented drop in power use, and the concern stretches beyond the economy. Sam Eaton reports the drop may indicate U.S. families are heeding calls to conserve.

Own a piece of punk rock history

To connect with a younger market, Christie's is auctioning off punk rock memorabilia -- from rare Clash posters to photographs of stars. Diantha Parker reports some items are even priced in the low hundreds.
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Another bailout for Citigroup

The Fed, Treasury and FDIC started Citigroup on another bailout package to help protect its $2 trillion in assets around the world. Scott Jagow talks to Steve Henn about how much is going into the bailout this time.

Jobs lost, but Florida's still cruising

Despite losing more jobs than any other state in the country, Florida's tourism industry is still thriving. Dan Grech reports why people looking for a tropical experience or a cruise can still find it here.
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The financial turkeys of the year

This week, Scott Jagow and Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan nominate the biggest turkeys in the fallout from the financial crisis. Topping the list is the government allowing Lehman Brothers to fail, and Allan tells us why.

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