Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, November 19, 2007

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, November 19, 2007

OPEC concerned over weak dollar

OPEC leaders have wrapped up their weekend summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where a lot of talk focused on the weak U.S. dollar. Doug Krizner gets feedback from Ed Crooks of the Financial Times.

Commercial is the new residential

Commercial real estate might soon be heading the way of the residential housing market, according to a report out by Moody's. But Janet Babin explains why Moody's isn't ready to panic yet.

Seedy workings in U.S. farm subsidies

Canada and Brazil are asking the World Trade Organization to look into whether the U.S. is violating international law by giving too much in subsidies to its farmers. Paul Brandus has more.
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China's search: Power with few results

Internet search engine Baidu dominates China as Google has a hold on the U.S. Doug Krizner talks to Dawn Chmielewski of the L.A. Times about how the Chinese site plays its roles maintaining government restrictions.

French commuters won't back up strike

It's the sixth day of a nationwide transit workers' strike in France, and the French people are showing less support to strikers as severe traffic jams continue to plague commuters. John Laurenson reports from Paris.
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Sustaining business growth in Africa

Sub-Saharan economies have been growing between 5-7 percent a year, benefits which the IMF and World Bank believe will have a lingering effect. Gretchen Wilson reports how a focus on business can help.
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Homebuilders gloomy over record low

The monthly housing market index is reporting a 14-year low on new homes, making homebuilders' outlook less optimistic than usual. Amy Scott tells us when homebuilders hope to see things turn around.
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Rekindling a market for e-books launches its new e-book reader today, and the company is hoping Kindle will do for paperbacks what iPods did for music. But Sam Eaton reports this technology has been around for over a decade.

Keep your money-market fund low-cost

General Electric's recent trouble with money-market funds showed those investments weren't immune to subprime. Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan tells us the rules for avoiding trouble with short-term bonds.

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