Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, May 7, 2012

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All eyes are on Europe this morning after voters in France's presidential run-off election delivered a victory to Socialist candidate Francois Hollande over incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy. The win is the latest signal in Europe that voters are turning against harsh austerity measures aimed at curbing the European debt crisis, and the politicians who supported them. Also on the program, Hollywood might be coming to the aid of California's State Parks Foundation to prevent up to a quarter of the state's parks from closing - and cutting off access to filming. And a new budget battle commences in the U.S. Congress this week as law makers consider two bills that will make dramatic cuts in social safety net programs to prevent further cuts in defense spending

Hollywood chips in to save California state parks

This past weekend, Hollywood hosted a fundraiser for the California state parks. It’s not just left-leaning Hollywood altruism. Many directors and studios film for cheap in the parks.
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Congress begins budget battle over automatic cuts to Pentagon spending

Here's a phrase you'll begin to hear a lot in Congress: sequestered cuts. Today, the House begins debate on how to deal with the debt crisis.
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Should companies pay for advanced degrees?

More than a decade ago, United Technologies made a pledge to pay for any employee's advanced degree. It's now paid for thousands of them. What could other U.S. companies learn from the program?
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France elects Socialist candidate Francois Hollande

In a narrow victory this weekend, French voters ousted incumbent presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy in what many see as a popular referendum against harsh austerity measures in Europe
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Greece, France vote against austerity in weekend elections

In an apparent rejection of austerity measures to solve Europe's debt crisis, voters in France elected Socialist party candidate Francois Hollande over the weekend while Greek voters punished the country's two incumbent parties
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Disney avenges at the box office with superhero blockbuster

"The Avengers" brought in $200 million at the box office this weekend, shattering records. But can the latest Disney smash hit erase its "John Carter" box office flop?
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In Greece, voters cast ballots against austerity

Parliamentary elections this weekend in Greece proved that voters there are fed up with the political parties imposing harsh austerity measures to deal with the country's severe debt crisis
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Big Girl Cosmetics owes its glow to Oprah

Seven years ago Kiley Russell sold the car she received as a lucky audience member at The Oprah Winfrey show. Today, that seed money has grown into a thriving cosmetics business.
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With oil firms profiting, why are gas prices still high?

The Fortune 500 2012 list ranking U.S. companies by revenue has Exxon Mobil at No. 1 and other oil firms near the top. So why are gas prices continuing to go up?
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PODCAST: Austerity goes to the polls in Europe

The French elect a socialist president, and the Greek parliament gets a shake-up. It's all in a weekend for voters in Europe who took to the polls in what turned out to be a referendum on harsh austerity measures aimed at solving Europe's financial crisis. Also on the show, Disney avenges at the box office with a superhero blockbuster, college degrees as an employment perk, and Hollywood fights for California's State Parks.
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