Marketplace Morning Report for Monday May 19, 2014

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We take peek at the Chronicle of Education’s latest survey on executive compensation at public universities. Coaches clearly rule here. Plus, Monday marks the start of a robotics competition at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. College students have to build and design a robot that could work on Mars (ALTERNATIVE dig lunar soil). Conrad Wilson reports on how competitions help foster innovation and can even bring ideas to market. Then, Marketplace goes to London! London’s wealth is more unevenly distributed than that of any other city in the developed world. That’s partly because of an influx of mega-rich Arabs, Chinese and Russians. Stephen visits the rich Russian owner of a wine store in the wealthy Mayfair district who sells single bottles of wine for $180,000. We explore how London’s rich perceive the wealth gap. We will also be talking to U.S. citizen and former board member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, Jamison Firestone, about cooling business ties between London and Russia.  

PODCAST: AT&T bids $48.5 billion for DirecTV

We visit Smithfield Market in London. And a look at London's business environment.
Posted In: London, AT&T, directv

AT&T’s $48.5 billion bid for your everything

AT&T is buying DirecTV, and the deal is all about bundling.
Posted In: AT&T, directv

Russia and London: The ties that bind

What does Russian corruption have to do with London's rising home prices?
Posted In: Investing, Russia, London, banking

Robots, the space program and innovation

NASA's Kennedy Space Center begins a major robotics competition.
Posted In: robotics, NASA

One rich Londoner unconcerned by wealth gap

Researchers say the wealth gap between rich and poor in London is growing.
Posted In: wine, wealth gap

Public college presidents get big paychecks

College presidents are said to earn their paychecks by bringing in lots of money.
Posted In: college presidents, Ohio State

Economists find same-sex marriage gives a boost

The tenth anniversary of same-sex marriage in America.
Posted In: marriage equality, marriage, gay rights

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